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LRC Coat™ – Self Cleaning Coating Formula REPELS FROST Anti-microbial coil coating actively kills harmful biofilm growth that can lead to airflow contamination

Environmentally Friendly and Less Expensive LRC Coat™ Protective Coating – • Dipped/baked, self etching, water based epoxy • Cures quickly – NO ADDITIONAL BUILD LEADTIME • “Environmentally friendly” high performance resin • Less expensive than solvent based products • No Impact on heat transfer or air flow • Meets FDA/NSF requirements for indirect food applications

Why You Should Recommend LRCTM Coat Products To Your Customers – • Stabilizes installed HVAC systems that have been degraded by corrosion, which delays equipment replacement costs • Coated units are “self cleaning” due to hydrophobic formula which causes moisture/condensate run-off • “Self cleaning” coils reduce pressure drop due to contamination and corrosion • Anti-microbial additive kills algae/bacteria which helps maintain clean building air • Increases equipment life with minimal maintenance • Water based cleaners and coatings are safe, non toxic and low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) Tests Run on LRCTM Coat Results ASTM Bl17 Salt Spray 1000 Hours Pass ASTM Bl17 Salt Spray Test 3000 Hours Pass ASTM G8S-AS 1000 Hrs Modified Salt Spray Pass ASTM G8S 2000 Hrs Modified Salt Spray Pass ASTM G-87 Moist S02 Test Pass ASTM D 522 Flexibility Test Pass ASTM G21 Resistance to Fungi Pass

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