In Room Evaporators

All LRC Wine Room Evaporators are designed to minimize the acoustical and visual impact of the refrigeration system on the room. With many different capacities and configurations, there is an evaporator suitable for almost every room configuration.

If you have questions, contact your local wholesaler or LRC’s Application Engineers at 562-944-1969 for more information.

BK 3900 BTUH
RM-EC 2,572-6,500 BTUH
RM, 2,572-6,500 BTUH
VRM-EC, 2,572-6,500 BTUH
VRM, 2,572-6,500 BTUH
WM, 1,522-4,983 BTUH
CTIH, 1,537-5,039 BTUH
DQ, 3,246-6,734 BTUH
Q-Wine, 7,507-35,960 BTUH
LPAQ, 1,493-7,572 BTUH
SLA, 3,930-24,190 BTUH
SLPA, 7,690-22,110 BTUH
CTE, 2,513-5,032 BTUH
CE, 2,868-12,904 BTUH