Newsletter Vol 2.


THE NEW D.O.E. STANDARDS | Begining of 2020 We will no longer make regular HS, VAH, RM, or VRM models. The EC versions will be the only models available. On the bright side, your customers will be saving tons of money on the energy savings, They will be quieter, and on the HSEC and the VAHEC models, they have filters already installed!
PRICE INCREASE | Due to the ever-increasing tariffs all P.O.’s placed after December 1st will reflect our new prices. For questions please contact our office at 562-944-1969 or email Jonathan at Thank you.

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Commercial AC vs Refrigeration – Or Why Can’t I use that Cheaper Mini-Split unit??

Most of the units shown on the internet are commercially available AC units. The standard for the industry is .012 thick copper tubes and most of the systems are not available with a coil coating so you will see coil failures fairly quickly. The LRC designs are based on a thicker copper .016 thick wall and all our wine coils are dipped in a water-based epoxy and cured in the oven. This is done because the wine vapors condense on the coil and get in the interface between the fin collars and the copper tube. The epoxy seals this area so the coils won’t get attacked by the acetic acid.

1. In the case of the mini-split type of system, we do not have an equivalent. We have not been able to find a mini-split evaporator that has a coated coil and can utilize the constant pressure expansion valve.

2. More flexibility. Some systems need cabling between the evap and condenser. The LRC systems are set up to do a pump down the type of system to facilitate installation.

3. Evaporators only. Some resellers sell the entire system. We depend on the wholesalers to provide the condensing unit along with the other system components. We do this because the conditions are different for a refrigeration system between Florida, Phoenix, and Seattle. And only the wholesalers tend to know how to configure a system for their local conditions. In addition, prefer to have the condensing units and other parts sourced locally so in the event of failure parts are more readily available.